The Common Outsider 
Senior Thesis 
University of Richmond - Featured in Keller Gallery 
Artist Statement: 
Titled "The Common Outsider," my work aims to depict the intricate relationship between student-athletes and mental health through a combination of photography and photo manipulation. This piece showcases five individuals participating in lacrosse, golf, and field hockey at the University of Richmond, with each athlete being portrayed through two distinct images.
The first image, presented in vibrant color, captures the athlete engaged in their respective sport. In contrast, the second image, rendered in black and white, portrays the individual in a setting that represents comfort. Embedded text in the second image provides insight into the mental health impact on each person. The lenticular form installation ensures that colored images are visible from the left side, while black and white images are revealed from the right side.
This intentional presentation and creative process serve to encapsulate diverse perspectives on how mental health is perceived. Viewers are encouraged to explore the exhibit by starting from the left and then revisiting the images as they pass by to unveil the black and white representations. The installation aims to underscore that mental health, although not immediately apparent, is an integral aspect of individuals, especially student-athletes.

                                                                           With inspiration and in loving memory of Julia Rossi.

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